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Why do people smoke

Mosquitoes are rampant in Mexico. People light firewood and smoke to drive away mosquitoes. But how can they drive away mosquitoes when they work on the move? They held the lighted tobacco leaves in their mouths, and in order not to let the smoke go out, they used their mouths to breathe. Today, the leaves of the grass called tobacco are of moderate size, soft and curly, so people choose it. They know that this kind of grass leaves is poisonous and addictive. From then on, no matter whether they work or not, they always hold the cigarettes in their mouths. They think that fire is the first God, and smoke is the only medium between man and God, and it is also the food of God, so smoking can drive away evil spirits and eliminate disasters. Columbus discovered the new world and tobacco. Later, with the navigation, trade, missionary and even war, in the early 17th century, tobacco quickly spread to Russia, Turkey, Persia, the east coast of Africa, the Philippines, Japan and China and many other countries and regions in the world, gradually throughout the world. The earliest record of tobacco in Chinese history comes from Lu Shu, written by Yao LV in the Wanli period of Ming Dynasty. Burn one end with fire, and turn one end to the mouth. Smoke enters the throat from the pipe. It can make people drunk, and can ward off malaria. Some people take Zhangzhou species, now more than Luzon, into its national sales According to the research of Ming history experts, there are three ways for tobacco to be introduced into China: first, from 1563 to 1640, tobacco was introduced from Luzon (now the Philippines) to Taiwan, Fujian, and then to other regions. Second, from 1620 to 1627, it was introduced to Guangzhou from Indonesia or Vietnam and then to other provinces. Third, from 1616 to 1617, from Japan to Korea, and then to Liaodong. In the early 17th century, smoking was not common, and most people did not know what tobacco was. Tobacco has become a social hobby and has been widely spread. It should be started tomorrow and after Chongzhen. Although several emperors have also made efforts to ban smoking since then, the actual result is that more and more people accept the tobacco. In the years of Qianlong and Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty, tobacco was found in almost every corner of the society. From the beginning of Qing Dynasty, the pipe was introduced to Shanghai, Beijing and other places in China by foreign embassies and businessmen. During the British and American concession period, customs officers used pipe to smoke. The pipe was small, big, thin and black, yellow and tough. There were two bends in large and medium-sized cities, but few in the countryside.