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What are the benefits of tobacco

1. Get excited or relieve tension. Tobacco contains nicotine, which can excite the inhibition center and inhibit the excitation center. When you are stressed, smoking is easy to stimulate excitement; when you are not in a good mood, you will be in a much better mood; when you are not calm and excited, smoking will gradually calm your mood; when you are in a tense or extremely excited state, smoking will reduce tension. 2. Habits. Smoke to enjoy the fragrance. People who smoke can enjoy this delicious food. People who smoke will regard smoking as their life partner. This subconscious can not be given by any cat or dog pet. 3. Smoke for inspiration. Mark Twain said: almost all writers are "addicts.". The artists and writers who love smoke for a lifetime are bright as stars. They inspire in the blue smoke of nothingness, and create pieces of art treasures and handed down works. 4. The need for social interaction. People who smoke are generally more gregarious and less eccentric. Therefore, all people who lead a collective life, such as soldiers, will smoke without exception, and non-smoking is often difficult to integrate into the collective. 5. Smoking is social intercourse. When you meet for the first time, you may shorten the distance between your heart and your heart by offering a cigarette to show respect and politeness to others. 6. Smoke to show off. Smoke is a symbol of status. No matter those who are holding a pipe, those who are holding a cigar, or even those who are stabbing someone in the face, all of them show their personality and identity. 7. Can cover up some of their own psychology. In some awkward and tense occasions, many people will subconsciously play with the little toys around them. In this time, smoking can play a role in diverting attention. 8. Increase taxes. Tobacco is a national monopoly and a heavy tax industry. The more cigarettes you smoke, the greater your contribution to the national economy. Of course, smoking has many disadvantages, but for a smoker, what is health?