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Tobacco and English Literature

Around 1571, British Pirates plundered the Spanish freighter, so they got to know tobacco, and became the first group of British smokers. Just as there are pubs for drinking and caf é s for coffee, the British love for tobacco has also given birth to smoking houses, or "smoking rooms". In 1573, Harrison's "chronology" said: "recently, the British began to widely use a spoon shaped tool to smoke an Indian plant called tobacco, and pass the smoke from the mouth to the head and stomach." The pirates in the Elizabethan era brought wealth and honor to the country and were regarded as national heroes. Therefore, the behavior of Pirates smoking was also regarded as a symbol of adventurous spirit and was imitated. People who smoke are called "smoking warriors". From the court down to the market, they all yearn for it, and create a series of special equipment and complex etiquette. Scholars and poets also praise it in their works: "those who don't love boys and tobacco are fools." "I and a dozen other gentlemen who are more knowledgeable than I think that there is no better nutriment than the smoke of tobacco. Therefore, tobacco is the most sacred thing. It is not too much to say that there would be no America without tobacco. Because the former United States was a British colony, and the British colony in North America was founded on tobacco. The later conflicts of interest between the colonies and the suzerain also came from the tobacco tax. At that time, the founding fathers of the United States who participated in the American War of independence were basically tobacco merchants, so that the original intention of establishing all government structures and systems after the founding of the country was to protect him We are in the interests of tobacco merchants. In other words, the driving force of the American War of independence actually came from the commercial interests behind the addiction of tobacco.The origin of tobacco in North America began in 1606, when the British established the Virginia company with the goal of establishing a commercial colony in North America. Since 1607, the company has sent hundreds of ships to the new world for colonial experiments. However, due to the limited technology and resources at that time, almost all the troops were destroyed. It was not until 1612 that Jamestown successfully planted tobacco, which was in great demand in England. Under the huge profits, it finally attracted merchants to exchange tobacco with a large number of materials and manpower, thus establishing the economic system of the colony.