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There's a pleasure in smoking that only smokers understand

A cloud of smoke from the mouth, dragging a long tail, hovering in front of your eyes, rising, lingering in front of you for a long time, refused to disperse, just like a cloud falling from the sky. Isn't this a living beauty? Your eyes are half closed, and your thoughts follow the path of the smoke, rising, jumping and rolling. It seems that you have come to a secluded paradise, listening to hundreds of birds and watching the fragrant flowers with pistils. All kinds of strange imagination are ready to come out. Your mind becomes so active that you seem to be full of sayings and sayings that are ready to come out with the same breath of smoke. Wonderful, cigarettes. I really admire you. It's a pity that Li Bai lived thousands of years away from us. He didn't have the chance to enjoy such a wonderful fortune. Otherwise, a generation of poetic immortals would not need to seek inspiration from the cup. This is really -- It's no wonder that the function of cigarettes and talents is so wonderful that they have become the favorite of many poets. Tobacco was introduced into China from the Ming Dynasty. For hundreds of years, no matter the dignitaries or the grass-roots people, there have been people who are addicted to tobacco. Among the smokers, Ji Yun, who was the first university student in Qing Dynasty, was the most famous and addicted. It's said that he is quick in thinking and is famous for his knowledge of the country. However, his cigarette is always accompanied by a cigarette bag, which was nicknamed "Jida cigarette bag" by people at that time. According to the records, Ji Yun "has a frank mind and a funny nature. When he suddenly hears his words, he is almost humorous. When he thinks about them, he is a famous saying.". I think it must have something to do with smoking. Most of the literati who smoke are informal, so they can live in harmony, see big from the small, open-minded, and achieve University. In that year, Mr. Ji took part in the compilation of the records of Rehe, the official list of previous dynasties, the outline of Heyuan and the general annals of eight banners. During the reign of Qianlong, he compiled Sikuquanshu. He was also the chief editor of Sikuquanshu. He presided over the compilation of 200 volumes of the general summary of Sikuquanshu. In addition, he also presided over the compilation of the meeting code of the Qing Dynasty and the real record of Gaozong in the Qing Dynasty. His poems were collected and compiled by later generations There are 16 volumes of poems in the collection of Ji Wenda Gong's remains, which can be called the leading scholar in the academic circle. Such a heavy academic task, if there is no open-minded bearing, how can it be consistent? It seems that his big cigarette bag is really a credit.