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The invention of cigarette and its cultural connotation

When it comes to the origin of cigarette culture, it is probably the following! In the Ming Dynasty, the Westerners explored the tropical American specialty tobacco in the new world Combined with Christian culture, it was given to the Chinese nation! It is said that Spanish colonists invaded the Philippines along the route Magellan had taken, and tobacco was also planted in the Philippines. At this time, China's trade with the Philippines was actually a deal with the Spanish. Soon, tobacco was introduced into Taiwan and Fujian. After that, it changed its form and brought the smoke to China, eroding a dynasty! So I think the foreign devils are no better than the Japanese devils there! It seems that the only contribution is to open the door of the Qing Dynasty! I think it's the Native American culture that goes back to the bottom! The original purpose of cigarette (cigarette) is Indian straw pipe! Westerners have finally found out that after their invasion of America, they have suffered for unknown years! So the western government began to ask British American tobacco companies to start "introspection", but as a result, a large number of cigarettes were directly transferred to developing countries! At the same time, it has also formed a culture of cigarette smuggling and customs investigation! Tobacco is a tall, erect Annual South American herb with oval oblanceolate leaves and panicles of tubular white pink flowers! Because tobacco is a tropical American herb Solanaceae plant, so the best tobacco in the Caribbean around the Latin American countries Among them, Cuba tobacco is the best, and Virginia tobacco (American large leaf tobacco type) of the United States is in terms of quantity and benefit of planting breadth! And the biggest consumption is in China!!! We can't just say that our domestic cigarettes are not good! Chinese cultivation of ordinary tobacco and yellow tobacco is still very good! After the Qing Dynasty many able person's instruction instruction also produced the Chinese classical flue-cured tobacco cigarette! If you ask, who is immoral in spreading tobacco education? First, Chen Cong of the Qing Dynasty wrote: what "tobacco spectrum" was written, mainly collecting predecessors (and even worse) From the relevant information in the book! How can this be a bit like me It includes the origin of tobacco, types, cultivation techniques, processing methods, functions, smoking hazards and so on! There are still a few do not know the origin! Deputy: Lu Yao's smoke spectrum, Zhao Gunong's smoke classic, Wang Xin's Qing Yan Lu, etc! So it seems that I am still a low-level servant, can not lift up! However, there is also a person who teaches methamphetamine among the professors of Wenren nowadays. As a result, he is arrested! In order to prevent wanran! The lesson of duqian car! Finally, let's talk about the powerful harm of smoking! Everyone's serious attention: nicotine in cigarettes; 3,4-benzopyrene and other strong carcinogenic substances, and strong addiction!!! If you suck, you will change it; if you don't, you will be encouraged!!!