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The benefits of smoking how to smoke correctly

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health, but this is only one aspect. In fact, smoking also has its benefits. So what are the benefits of smoking? Maybe many people just like smoking and don't know what kind of benefits. Now let's learn about it with Xiaobian. What are the benefits of smoking? The benefits of smoking may be overlooked by us, because we think that smoking has no benefits. In fact, it is not. Smoking is also good. When you are sad, smoking a cigarette can make you forget your worries. When you stay up late, smoking a cigarette can make you refresh your spirits. When you meet your friends, you can draw a closer distance with each other by sending a cigarette. When you eat with customers, a cigarette can make each other feel deeper. In short, it also plays a great role in the social circle. Smoking can help you find happiness. When you are lovelorn, smoking a cigarette can make your mood less depressed, sometimes it will erase the trauma in your heart. When you smoke a cigarette in front of your girlfriend, it will make her feel that you are manly, safe and home bound. During the Spring Festival, smoking becomes an indispensable part of the festival, which adds atmosphere to the festival. It is also a noble gift. It is a good thing to give a cigarette to the smoker. In the festival, as long as there is smoke, there will be a festive atmosphere. In a word, smoking becomes an indispensable part of life. Smokers are always young: because smokers get pneumonia and die young. 2. It's always safe for smokers to sleep in the middle of the night, and the thief will know that there is someone in the house. 3. People who smoke won't be bitten by mosquitoes: because people who smoke smoke smoke all day and the mosquitoes are killed. 4. People who smoke don't get bitten by dogs: because smokers are prone to hunchback. When dogs see them, they think they are picking stones to hit them. 5. Smoking to show off: some people smoke in order to show themselves in front of others. Take out a box of beautifully decorated high-end cigarettes, take out a delicate lighter, and light the cigarette with a bang, make a proud attitude with famous brand cigarettes in its mouth, and make yourself happy. 6. Close feelings: smoking is social intercourse. When we meet for the first time and show respect and politeness to others, we may shorten the distance between our hearts.