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My story with tobacco

I was born into a smoky family. My father is an old smoker. He smokes himself and pays homage to his guests. He needs two or three packs a day. More than 30 years ago, when I was a child, I remember that there was a big horse on the cigarette box that my father often smoked. I didn't know it until I asked my father. It was a Feima brand cigarette made in Shanghai. Later, I got to know daqianmen. In order to increase my memory, my father asked me to collect the packaging paper of the cigarette box. My character recognition career began with the collection of "Feima" and "daqianmen". With my father The brands of smoking changed constantly. Later, I collected and met "Shanghai", "Peony", "phoenix" and so onWith the change of the stars, my father's work is also changing. With the change of the environment, the cigarette brands I know are not limited to the cigarettes my father smokes. In the package of cigarette boxes I collected (later I knew that these colorful papers were called cigarette labels), there are more and more "canals", "rose roses", "Huaxin", "Hongbo", "golden monkeys", "mightiness", "labor", "Fengfeng" Collect, Nanjing, etc.I remember at that time, some of our friends who often played together also folded the cigarette signs into triangles, which were isosceles triangles. When we played with toys, we first guessed out, first judged the winning or losing according to the price, and then we were used to each other on the ground. Whoever was used to overturning, we lost. Win full of joy, lose, immediately go to dad for a new empty cigarette box. In this way, I spent a happy childhood playing with cigarette labels. The scene is still vivid in my mind. Later, when I went to school, I had less chance to play. Dad said that after playing on the ground, he put it in his pocket and put it with delicious food. If it's not healthy, I won't play. In order to continue to enjoy the signs, I chose a little sign, paste it on the west wall of my hall, and paste some of our awards on the east wall. There are not pasted on the cigarette sign with the line up, the reverse side when the draft paper, not only to save learning paper, but also in learning at the same time can see it!Twenty years ago, I graduated from high school and went to the society. I enrolled in a supply and marketing company and became a field clerk. At that time, it was said by the master that those who go out to the field must learn to smoke, so that they can make more friends. With a wide social circle, the world will grow and it will be easier to talk about business. Besides, I was envious to see many people smoking and puffing in the movie, especially the look of the smoking ring, so I learned to smoke according to the look of my master. Maybe it's natural fate. When I started smoking, I didn't feel choking and coughing like many people. I realized the unique aroma of tobacco, so I started to smoke. At that time, there was a saying about the ranking of cigarettes in the society: "one cloud, two precious, three China, Peony under Huangguoshu". If anyone has a pack of clouds in his pocket, he will walk vigorously. If you ask someone to help you, you can use Yunyan. It's usually successful!