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Intensive cultivation of cigarette market

To promote the high-quality development of tobacco industry is not an overnight success, short board and gap are the direction of moving forward, innovation and excellence are the guide of action. As long as we firmly implement the requirements of high-quality development into various objectives and tasks, firmly grasp the key tasks of making up for shortcomings, promoting advantages and promoting transformation, dare to break through stereotyped thinking, traditional methods and inherent models, make every effort to solve problems and improve the quality of work, we will surely achieve high-quality development of the tobacco industry.Strict standards are the lifeblood of the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. We need to ensure high-quality development, and truly implement, detail and implement the responsibilities of internal management and supervision. We should resolutely uphold the monopoly system, attach equal importance to cracking down on external illegal and criminal activities and strictly regulate internal production and operation activities, conscientiously perform our duties and fulfill our responsibilities, and guarantee the development of enterprises. First, further improve the cooperation mechanism. We will improve the anti-counterfeiting and anti smuggling system of "government leadership, department cooperation, multi-party participation and close cooperation", regularly conduct joint law enforcement seminars, and form a joint effort to fight against counterfeiting and anti smuggling in cigarettes. Second, further improve the efficiency of market supervision. In accordance with the principle of "dynamic management" and "one policy for one household", we should take the way of "special watch, line watching, heavy boxing", grasp the illegal large household's mobile marketing and daily operation in a timely manner, strengthen the deep cooperation with the public security network security and technical investigation departments, build the information sharing mechanism, truly achieve the goal of "accurate, hit, wounded, maimed and killed" for the illegal large household, and realize the targeted hit for the illegal large household Click and clear at fixed point. At the same time, we will strengthen follow-up supervision over the large households that have been banned and dissuaded, so as to prevent the "change of vest" from coming back. Third, we should speed up the cleaning up of undocumented households, and effectively manage undocumented businesses from three aspects: reducing the stock of undocumented households, strictly controlling the increase of undocumented households, and expanding the number of licensed households. Fourth, deepen the management of special business forms. It is necessary to investigate and find out the customers of special business forms. Those who meet the requirements for certification and are willing to operate cigarettes will be certified and included in the scope of marketing and distribution services. It is necessary to carry out regular customer inspection for special formats in combination with public security, industry and Commerce and other departments, strengthen the supervision and service of special formats, and make every effort to reclaim the lost market and sales space.