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How to improve the tobacco sales of the brand

How to improve cigarette sales and maximize profits is a common concern of retail customers. As an account manager, when I checked the market, I found that many retail customers did not pay enough attention to some details in cigarette sales, which greatly affected the sales of cigarettes. 1、 Cigarette display. The standardization and standardization of cigarette display can promote the sales volume. In order to standardize the display of cigarettes, we should pay attention to the order and regularity of cigarette placement. According to the cigarette sales habits, cigarette display methods can be roughly divided into product type arrangement, price arrangement, key brand prominent arrangement, color matching arrangement and so on. The specific placement mode depends on the cigarette brand structure, the overall layout of stores, and the consumer group structure. 2、 Use of price card. The purpose of tobacco companies to issue price cards to retail customers is to improve their cigarette sales profits and safeguard their interests by unifying retail prices. Retail customers should realize the role of price card in cigarette sales and make good use of it. 3、 Brand portfolio width. Brand combination width refers to the completeness of cigarette brand specifications. Retail customers should try to maximize the brand portfolio width, because the expansion of the combination width will improve consumers' freedom to choose cigarettes. If retail customers only buy local cigarettes and ignore the purchase of foreign brands, they will lose many customers. 4、 Guidance from account manager. The customer manager is a member of the tobacco company who specializes in serving the retail customers. They are more familiar with the policies in the industry than the retail customers. If the retail customers can actively cooperate with the customer manager's work, seriously consider their guidance and suggestions, and timely communicate with the customer manager when there are problems in the cigarette sales process, it will achieve twice the result with half the effort.