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A woman who smokes

In people's eyes, the man who smokes gives a very natural and unrestrained feeling, while the woman who smokes makes people feel a little strange, different and vicissitudes. In fact, every woman who likes smoking will have her worries and stories. When she is sad or unhappy, she prefers to use cigarettes to calm her mood. When she is upset or bored, she always hopes that all the unhappiness will drift away with the smoke.. In fact, decadence is also a kind of beauty. A kind of indulgent beauty. It's like anesthesia in alcohol. Midnight, a lonely woman, in a dark room, waiting for a man who won't turn around, one by one, burning the cigarettes in her hand. When she lit the cigarettes, she also lit up her life and the remaining feeling in her heart. It's smoking, it's life. The smoke is shorter and shorter, more and more misty. Gradually precipitated by time. This little light, bright and dark, is just the memory of love in my heart. The little fire lights up the night and the heart. Momentary dizziness becomes eternal hope. Most of the women who take up cigarettes for the first time are not willing, but a kind of mood to let themselves fall in love with the feeling of being accompanied by cigarettes, to free themselves, to relax themselves, to fly, to vent themselves, to find a way to fall into happiness. Smoke gives people a sense of decadent, but sometimes decadent very beautiful. But no one knows what kind of pain, yearning and tolerance are hidden behind this decadent beauty. In the rising and passing of the smoke ring, sorrow also becomes ethereal. Smoking woman, very lonely, very beautiful, but also very helpless There are many reasons why you smoke. There are two common ones, one is anesthesia, the other is decompression. Pain is common to both men and women, and stress is the same. When a person encounters unspeakable pain and feels unable to bear it, he will subconsciously find a way to anesthetize his pain. Some drink, some smoke, some exercise. When a woman for this reason, whether physically or mentally, attempts to use smoking to anesthetize herself. We say it's unhealthy at most, but we can't say it's wrong, let alone bad!