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16 reasons why men like to smoke

1、 It's more economical and hygienic to have a cigarette when you have nothing to do. 2、 I often carry a pack of cigarettes on my body. Even if my wallet is flat and my pocket is still bulging, it's called steadiness. 3、 When friends meet and hand over a cigarette, they can exhale and talk with each other happily. Especially when you have enough to eat and drink, light a cigarette after dinner. It's better than living immortal! 4、 It's the only thing you can hold in your mouth when you go to the bathroom without worrying about being laughed at or feeling sick. 5、 When you feel confused, helpless or sad, you can smoke to vent, which is better than your wife. If you smoke your wife at that time, she will smoke you in turn, and cigarettes will not resist. 6、 It's safer than drinking. You never have to worry about being caught smoking in your car. 7、 Lonely night maybe it's the only one with your best friend. 8、 Occasionally there will be beautiful women like men's light tobacco taste, if you meet mm like that, then congratulations, she must be a very personalized girl. 9、 This kind of smog is more environmentally friendly than automobile exhaust. 10、 If you like to collect, I suggest you to collect cigarette boxes. There are many varieties, complete series, exquisite production, and regional folk charm. If you hold a cigarette box exhibition in the future, you will surely earn more.11、 One thing that smokers can be proud of is that most heroes and great people like to smoke, such as the role played by Fage and our grandpa Mao. 12、 Exercise, science has found that between a smoker's inhalation and vomiting, there are always some muscles in the face that have been exercised, so the general smoker's facial contour is relatively clear. 13、 Enough to call a good taxpayer. 14、 When setting up a team, you can avoid the women you don't like with a grand reason: for your health, I'll smoke somewhere else. She would think you were very gentlemanly. 15、 If you smoke peony, and others smoke China, life will have power. Practice has proved that the more smoke, the more power. If you smoke China and others smoke peonies, you will have confidence in life. Practice has proved that the more cigarettes you smoke, the more confidence you will have. 16、 Finally, when you use the above 15 reasons as an excuse, the opponents will criticize the authors of these 15 reasons, and you can rest assured that [in fact, people are not born to smoke. However, there are always 10000 reasons for men to smoke, and only one reason for men to smoke all the time. I want to smoke. There is a strange argument: known quantity → smoking injures lung. From smoker's experience → no smoking hurts heart. ∵ from medical common sense, we know that heart is more important than lung.A man who is lack of warmth will want to smoke, and he is afraid that there is no carrier to warm his heart. A man with a lot of worries will want to smoke, otherwise, the sleepless night will be more lonely Men who smoke have many reasons: burning a cigarette when writing to catch inspiration; handing in a cigarette when asking for help to get closer; smoking when decadent to vent their emotions, saying that if they don't, they will go mad. In fact, sad men only smoke.